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Quality Always Rewards

BKP Paid out RM1 million Bonus to Contractors of VERVE® Suites Mont’Kiara.

NK (in blue t-shirt) handing over RM 1 million bonus to contractors who contributed to the high quality Score for VERVE® Suites Mont’Kiara project.

A group of contractors received a huge windfall this Chinese New Year when Bukit Kiara Properties (BKP) paid out a special bonus of over RM 1 million to them for meeting high quality standards in its project, VERVE® Suites Mont’Kiara.

This special bonus was part of the reward scheme initiated by BKP to promote quality and good workmanship. BKP has embarked on the adoption of a stringent quality monitoring system introduced by the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) - CONQUAS® (Construction Quality Assessment System), in all its projects.

“Although CONQUAS assessment is not a requirement to be fulfilled in the Malaysian property industry, we believe it is important for our projects to undergo this international quality assessment. After all, quality workmanship of a project will enhance the value of the properties that we built,” said BKP’s Group Managing Director, Datuk NK Tong.

True to BKP’s core value of Quality, all completed towers of VERVE® Suites Mont’Kiara have obtained good CONQUAS® scores. Its second tower, Vibe, has even emerged as the highest CONQUAS® quality scorers for high-rise residential project in Malaysia with a score of 82.2, and the average of the 4 towers is 79.4.

“These high CONQUAS scores are also reflected in our First Time Quality, or FTQ scores, which are currently tracking at 65% for Vox Tower. The FTQ score is a measurement of the percentage of customers who take the keys upon handover, without touch-up requirements. While the CONQUAS scores are nice to have, it is also important for us to measure FTQ as a reflection of customer satisfaction,” said NK.

To reward the team who assisted BKP in delivering quality homes to its customers, the company paid out more than RM1 million to the contractors of VERVE® Suites Mont’Kiara since the completion of the first tower in 2009. The bonus amount for Vox Tower, the final tower which features the first Sky Beach in Malaysia is about RM320,000.

“Apart from improving the quality standard of our projects, we also noticed that teamwork and coordination among contractors and consultants were greatly enhanced with the implementation of this bonus scheme as the reward is based on the overall CONQUAS® score in addition to individual achievement,” said NK.

Under this reward scheme, BKP’s contractors received their bonuses based on a percentage of their contract value. The higher overall CONQUAS® score would lead to higher bonus payouts. The score is derived from a few categories, namely internal floor, wall, ceiling, door, window, fittings, roofing, external wall, external works and mechanical & engineering works.

NK congratulated the contractors and said that quality workmanship is important in the construction industry as it ensures future marketability of a project and enhances the confidence of the purchasers.” I am glad that our contractors and team members see the importance of meeting quality standards and work hand-in-hand in delivering promising end products to our homeowners,” he added.

“As a contractor, we have learnt a lot from BKP. The company treats us like part of their family. This has encouraged us to put our best efforts to ensure the quality and timeliness of the project are being met. I am proud that my company was part of the BKP team in delivering the innovative VERVE® Suites Mont’Kiara development,” said one of the reward recipients, Jeff Wong Kok Vooi, General Manager of WI Design & Renovation Sdn Bhd.

The freehold VERVE® Suites Mont’Kiara has a total gross development value (GDV) of RM 592 million and has four distinct towers which comprise a total of 933 fully-furnished designer suites, four sky lounges and over 100,000 square feet of recreational space. While many have tried to follow the same concept, BKP’s VERVE® Suites Mont'Kiara is the only one of its kind that has four world class sky lounges and living concepts for the benefit of its residents.

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