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Homemade X'mas Cookies with A Message

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

BKP bakes cookies to raise fund for Philea Home.

Receiving Christmas cookies as a gift with a hand-written message from the baker? That was the nice surprise that the residents of Bukit Kiara Properties’ (BKP) developments recently received from BKP in conjunction with the company’s charity programme to raise funds for Philea Home at Kapar, Klang.

Group photos of BKP team members (in blue t-shirt) and kids from Philea Home after the baking session.

The niche developer, BKP, organised two fun days of baking cookies at Philea Home as part of its Caring Hands initiative which aims to contribute back to the community. Over 30,000 chocolate chips cookies were baked by BKP team members with the help from the children. In return, BKP bought all the 500 containers of cookies and later distributed to its residents at VERVE® Suites Mont’Kiara and Hijauan Kiara.

“We often organise charity programmes to reach out to welfare homes. As the festive season is approaching, we thought of contributing to the community and engaging our residents at the same time. Baking cookies with Philea Home and distributing them to our residents was a natural extension of our Core Purpose: Enriching Lives through Meaningful Engagement,” said BKP’s Group Managing Director, Datuk NK Tong.

NK Tong (second from left) and BKP team members packing the homemade cookies which were later distributed to BKP residents.

Led by NK, a group of BKP team members and children from Philea Home prepared ingredients, baked and packed cookies together. They also wrote the names of the bakers and Christmas greetings on each card which was later attached to each cookies container. The children were naturally hands-on during the baking session as the Home has been baking and selling cookies for years to help with its own expenses.

“This is the first time we have worked with others in baking cookies. I enjoyed it very much!” said Saratha who led other younger children during the baking session.

The children’s laughter and the pleasant aroma of freshly baked cookies wafted through the cheerful atmosphere at Philea Home. It was a jovial session as BKP team members also prepared some games, Christmas gifts and food for the children.

“I hope the kids learnt to put in their best effort when receiving assistance from others. We appreciate this caring initiative by BKP as the fund raised can be spent for the school opening in 2015,” said Mrs. Yoges, the caretaker of Philea Home.

Homemade Christmas cookies with a personal touch from BKP and the children of Philea Home.

VERVE® Suites Mont’Kiara and Hijauan Kiara residents had a pleasant surprise when they received the meaningful Christmas gifts from BKP team members.

“We are glad to see the smiles on our residents’ faces when we delivered the cookies to their doorsteps. Our team constantly looks forward to meaningful ways of engaging our customers,” NK said.

Registered under the State Welfare Department, Philea Home aims to provide shelter for abused children. Currently, there are 16 children aged under 17 years old residing in the Home. To offer assistance and contribution, please contact Mrs. Yogesat 012-342 3072.

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