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Lion Dance with A Touch of Charity

BKP Residents Usher in the Year of Horse with Kids from Ti-Ratana.

The children touching the “lions” for good blessings.

Residents of Hijauan Kiara and VERVE® Suites Mont’Kiara were invited to a spectacular lion dance performance by BKP in conjunction with Chinese New Year celebrations. This year, BKP added a touch of charity to the event by inviting children from Ti-Ratana Welfare Society as the performers instead of a professional lion dance troupe.

The event is an annual celebration hosted by the niche developer, BKP, to strengthen relationships among residents. In line with its core value of Caring, the company incorporated some element of charity by inviting the children from Ti-Ratana to usher in the auspicious Year of the Horse with the residents.

“We were thinking of a different way to celebrate the festive season with our residents this year. After a discussion, we decided to engage the children from Ti-Ratana as the performers, so that BKP and the residents could contribute to a charitable cause and celebrate the Lunar New Year with the children,” said BKP’s Group Managing Director, Datuk NK Tong. 

Residents are awed by the spectacular lion dance performance by children from Ti-Ratana Welfare Society.

Close to 200 residents attended the lion dance performance at Hijauan Kiara and VERVE® Suites Mont’Kiara on two separate days at their respective residences.  They were impressed by the exhilarating lion dance performance by the children aged between 5 to 18 years old, accompanied by the jovial God of Prosperity and Big Head Buddha characters. Their interaction with the audiences created a lot of laughter, especially among the kids.

In addition to the lion dance, there was also a face-changing (known as bian lian in Chinese) performance at Hijauan Kiara by S. Suresh, who grew up at Ti-Ratana Children’s Home. Suresh learnt the ancient Chinese artform from a Chinese face-changing master from Sichuan, China. He is also the first Indian face-changing performer in Malaysia. The crowd was thrilled by his quick mask-changing movement and cheerful character.

The jovial performance by Suresh creates a lot of laughter among the Hijauan Kiara residents.

“The children at our home joined the lion dance training and performance five years ago. It is good exposure for them when they get a chance to perform in public. It also helps to support the expenses of the Home,” said Ti-Ratana Welfare Society’s supervisor Cheong Chew Lin.

The “God of Prosperity” is popular among the kids staying at VERVE® Suites Mont’Kiara.

The Hijauan Kiara and VERVE® Suites residents had a good time and exchanged their New Year greetings during the events. Many took the opportunity to donate to Ti-Ratana Welfare Society which takes care of 300 children, 100 senior citizens and 50 single mothers. The monthly expenses of the Home is estimated at RM150,000 to RM200,000.

“We are happy to be able to contribute to Ti-Ratana Welfare Society and give ang powsto the kids from the Home. Our family is having a good time here celebrating this auspicious festival with them,” said Mdm Sue Ho, a resident of Hijauan Kiara.

“We are glad to know that the charity performances were well received by the residents. Many of them are looking forward to more meaningful community events like this, which we are more than happy to organise and to increase engagement among our residents,” added NK.

To offer assistance and contribution to Ti-Ratana Welfare Society, kindly contact:

Cheong Chew Lin at 03-7988 1818.

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