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'Inside Out' on Sky Bridge

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

BKP Brings Christmas Cheers to Children.

27 children from House of Joy and Precious Children’s Home were hosted to a movie, games session and buffet lunch at Vercadicos Sky Bridge, VERVE® Suites KL South recently in conjunction with the school holiday and festive season.

Kids taking a group photo with BKP team members (in white shirt & pink t-shirts) after the fun movie, lunch & games session.

The special event is part of Bukit Kiara Properties (BKP)’s Caring Hands initiative to reach out and give back to the community.

The children, aged 4 to 17 years old, arrived at VERVE® Suites KL South in the morning, and they were ushered to the Sky Theatre on the iconic Vercadicos Sky Bridge for a private viewing of an inventive animated film by Disney Pixar - ‘Inside Out’. To make the children feel at home, bean bags were placed in the theatre and some snacks and drinks were distributed during the movie.

“Vercadicos Sky Bridge is very unique and I’ve never seen it anywhere else. This is our second time here and the children really love it! The movie selection was excellent, as it teaches about mind and reality. This outing provides the children an opportunity to distress, away from their home. Thanks to BKP for remembering our precious children again at this beautiful time of the year,” commented Evelyn Robert, the caretaker of Precious Children’s Home.

Children enjoying movie at the Sky Theatre of the Vercadicos Sky Bridge.

After the movie session, a lunch buffet was served in the Sky Kitchen. The children and their caretakers were joined by BKP’s Group Managing Director, Datuk NK Tong, and Chief Operating Officer, Fan Len Kuan. There was a variety of food to choose from, including Angel Hair Spaghetti Bolognaise, BBQ Chicken Wings, Fishball and Nugget Sticks, Mango Pudding with Peach and Ice Kacang with Ice Cream Topping.

“We hope this little gesture brings joy and happiness to the children, especially with Christmas around the corner. In BKP, we believe in active engagement with the society which helps to build a strong relationship that goes a long way,” said NK.

Joe Satiyah Perkash, a 16-year old teen from Precious Children’s Home said, “It is my first time here and I had a lot of fun. The movie was interesting. It has inspired us in many ways and we are ready to kick start the New Year!”

Right after lunch, the children were divided into four groups for games session. The first game was called ‘Worm Racing’, where they had to put on a sleeping bag and crawl across the floor like worms in a relay race. Next, in ‘Chopstick Race’, each group was required to carry soft balls using a pair of giant chopsticks from one end to the other and throw the balls into the allocated baskets. The kids were having so much fun and learnt to be a good team player.

BKP has also thoughtfully selected and prepared Christmas gifts for each of the children according to their ages. The gifts were presented to them by NK after the games session. The children’s faces lit up, and shined with joy and happiness in their hearts.

“I enjoyed the movie and today’s event very much. I hope to come here again,” exclaimed the four-year old Ng Pui Cheng from House of Joy.

NK (in white shirt) welcoming the children during the lunch session at VERVE® Suites KL South.

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