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Engaging Residents and Customers for a Great Living Environment

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Residents of VERVE® Suites KL South had a memorable Chinese New Year celebration when BKP hosted a lion dance performance and lunch to usher in the Year of the Metal Rat. All were amazed by the exhilarating acrobatic lion dance, which was performed on high stilts and accompanied by cymbals and drums.

On a separate Chinese New Year celebration in VERVE® Shops, in addition to the lion dance performance, a walk-about magician was engaged to interact with customers. The performances were very well received by those who were present, especially the families with young children. There was also a God of Prosperityfigurine redemption for those who shopped on that day.

Both the events were specially arranged to enhance interaction and a sense of community among residents and customers who stay in BKP developments and at the same time, to increase the vibrancy of VERVE® Shops. The event successfully forged a stronger community spirit as people of all races and nationalities turned up in excitement and exchanged greetings with one another.

“It is great to see the residents and customers celebrating auspicious festivals together. We hope they are happy and engaged through the different activities and events that we have organised for them,” said BKP’s Group Managing Director, NK Tong.

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