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'Vampire Nightclub' Halloween Thrill

VERVE® Suites Mont’Kiara Residents Having ‘Spook-tacular’ Time at Party.

It’s time for trick-or-treat! Close to 100 VERVE® Suites Mont’Kiara residents are thrilled at a ‘spook-tacular’ Halloween party themed “Vampire Nightclub” held at their residence recently. The annual celebration organised by Bukit Kiara Properties (BKP) enables residents to get together and foster closer relationships.

Kids are having a fun time at the Halloween Party.

The event was a fun platform for residents to showcase themselves in the most creative and funny outfits. All participants were encouraged to make up and dress up in spooky costumes to match the event’s theme.

The residents applied heavy makeup and dressed up as Vampires, Mummies, Ghouls and various scary movie characters. They were seen greeting and mingling with each other around the pool podium, forming a scary yet interesting scene.

The facilities and garden area of VERVE® Suites Mont’Kiara were decorated with Halloween crafts, skeletons and skulls to spice up the haunting experience. Sweet treats and ‘devilish’ delights were also served to add excitement to the party.

To encourage interaction among the residents, a range of games including Dancing Musical Chairs, Mystery Paper Fold and Creepy Mummy Wrap were organised to keep the night full of fun. Among the games, Vampire Runway was the highlight of the night when selected best-dressed candidates showcased their costumes and cat walk on the stage to vie for the ‘Best Costume’ title. The candidates triggered lots of laughter among the crowd especially children, as they tried to impress the judges and residents with their most spooky and funny poses.

“We are glad that the night is filled with joy and memorable experience. It allows the residents to know each other better and strengthen the communities’ ties,” said BKP’s Group Managing Director, Datuk NK Tong.   

“We aspire to organise more events with exciting and meaningful themes in the future as they help to promote fun and harmony living in our projects,” NK added.

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