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Started with a team of only five people in the year 2000, the company has grown into one of the few boutique property developers in Malaysia with a team of dedicated employees.

As a one-stop developer, we have opportunities across different business disciplines. These include Sales & Marketing, Property Development, Construction, Contracts, Interiors, Finance & Accounts, Human Resources, and Administration. We expect our team members to be dynamic, caring, and a person of integrity.

We have great plans to grow the company, and we believe our people are the most precious asset in meeting the needs of our customers. 

At BKP, we encourage our employees to unleash their full potential through our unique core values and guiding principles.


Over the years, we have built BKP's culture into what it is today - a place of creating and bringing innovative ideas to life.


At BKP, we consider our culture to be among our innovations. We are a company made up of strong individuals who bond together by four core values. Together, we live and breathe by Core Values - Quality, Innovation, Caring and Integrity; and our Code of Ethics .


In addition, we have also established our core purpose -"Enriching Lives Through Meaningful Engagement". This is the fundamental reason for the company's existence. We are constantly looking for better ways to achieve this purpose.


Being a niche property developer, BKP understands the importance of having a brand promise to differentiate ourselves from the competitors. We go the extra mile for our customers to deliver the engaging experience and make them delighted. That's our brand promise. 


To promote transparency and openness, we ensure our employees are consistently being informed and updated. This is done through the daily morning huddle, internal newsletter, team members’ gathering and other events.


Empowerment is one of the most powerful tools in ​managing the company. Thus, our team members are encouraged to speak up during meetings, to take charge of events and to offer suggestions through their monthly reports/suggestions.


The best testament to BKP’s culture is from the people who work at the company day in and day out. We have asked BKPers from different departments to share their experiences and thoughts about BKP.

Hearing it straight from BKPers would give you an idea of how BKP can develop and enrich you, both in your career and your personal development.




I enjoy the culture, warm relationship and strong connection among the team members. They are my extended family members. I am also inspired by the commitment of the management team who upholds the core value of INTEGRITY - doing the right thing even when no one is watching.


In BKP, we learn and share among team members to enhance our skills, to stay green and to grow. I also enjoy taking part in various activities organised by our Sports Club committee, those are great sessions for me to have fun and good times with my fellow colleagues!





I like BKP's culture such as holding luncheon talks, quarterly theme gathering, and morning huddle. I enjoy working here because the company provides an environment for everyone to further develop. Luncheon talk is a valuable culture in BKP. It helps to develop the employees, I gain a lot of knowledge via luncheon talks. It benefits me no matter whether the topic is directly relevant to my work.




wee sien 2.jpg

BKP is really different from other companies. We need to comply and execute our core values all the time. From declaring little calendars given by business associates to "ang pow" given by customers (Integrity); from staff gathering to "site kenduri" and upgrading of charity homes (Caring); from playing games during staff gathering to sky lounges concepts where the ideas came from the employees (Innovative); from product quality to employees' living quality (Quality), the list keeps going.


In short, we are not robots who are here to "complete" our daily tasks, but the enthusiastic human beings who "enjoy" our duties in this big family. This is BKP’s culture!




If our company culture resonates with you, you can join us to be part of our energetic team in delivering innovative lifestyles to our customers.


You are welcomed to deposit your resume with BKP by e-mailing it to . We will contact you when we have a future job opening that meets your experience and interest.


Please rest assured that we will not disclose your information to the third party without your consent.

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